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At CVG Architects we believe in four basic design principles:
Instill Knowledge
The ability to understand and traverse through governmental and jurisdictional codes and ordinances, fully comprehend the program requirements of individual building types and master the technical aspects of building systems requires a consistent educational process. CVG Architects supports continuing education for all our employees. From seminars on the technical aspects of masonry detailing to education on new sustainable design technologies we are constantly re-educating ourselves to maintain the best knowledge base for the industries we work within.
Promote Creativity
We leave a mark on our environment, our communities and our culture with every project we engage in. Diversity and creative original ideas drive our culture. We want that mark to be a memorable and unique statement for every building, structure and design project we are a part of.
Build Collaboration
We focus on building a collaborative environment to ensure success in creating thoughtful, functional and creative designs that answer the visions and goals of our clientele. We engage our clients through workshops, interviews and interactive studies with stakeholders to fully understand our collective goals. Group think is encouraged throughout the design process with team design critiques and constant interaction with our design and engineering partners. The goal - to respond to our design challenges using the best collective ideas of our team.
Desire to Serve
CVG Architects places response to our clients needs and desires at the forefront of our business model. We work to build relationships with our clientele and those relationships are built on our ability to respond quickly, effectively and thoughtfully to every task.

The distinction between which Architect to choose can be a difficult task. Which firm is the most creative? Which one will live within my budget and schedule? Which Architect will ensure that my building will stand the test of time? And, most importantly, which Architect will I connect with the most? The following are some reasons CVG Architects may be right for you.

CVG Architects have been servicing clients successfully for almost 50 years. From the award winning and nationally acclaimed design of the Naperville Riverwalk to the multitude of Gold Key winning custom homes spread throughout the region, every project we engage in has been developed with the underlying foundation to inspire and richen our communities.

Every project presents its own specific challenges. The design and engineering needs of a church differ greatly from that of a branch bank or a custom home. The particular needs of your project are analyzed and we have the flexibility to assemble a team of specialists that suit your projects needs. Our design partners have been developed over our almost 50 year history. They include Real Estate professionals, Equipment Specialists, Security, A/V and Acoustic Consultants, Civil Engineers and Traffic consultants along with a myriad of other designers and engineers to fulfill the needs of any project.

We are committed to building knowledge about our craft and promoting the ideal that creative thought can provide truly inspirational, unique building and structures that enhance our lives and workplaces. We combine this with a collaborative atmosphere and a true desire to serve in our efforts to achieve your goals.

Our design process has been honed over decades of service to our clientele. It is designed to identify our clients vision and goals and to focus our work effort towards achieving them. The process includes systematic information gathering, space needs programming and conceptual design work that not only conveys creative design solutions but also identifies that budget and schedule goals are on target throughout the process. The entire process is built on documentation and communication of our efforts to ensure a collaborative environment.

CVG Architects are committed to not only giving back to our community but enhancing it in any way we can. From pro bono work for non-profit agencies to our leadership roles in service organizations we encourage all our employees to give back to their community. We also realize that our role as Architects has a major physical and aesthetic impact on community. We are dedicated to beautifying and improving the communities we serve through our Architecture.


Comprehensive Medical Coverage
Optional life and dependent life insurance
Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
Optional Critical illness and accident insurance
Optional Short- and long-term disability coverage
Illness Protection (sick time)

Paid Holidays and Vacation Time
401(k) Matching Plan
Profit Sharing & Commission on all Self-generated Work
Bereavement and Jury Duty Time-off

You deserve to love what you do for a living and like the place in which you work. Over the years we have created an office culture including collaboration, diversity, socialization and continuing education. While professional, we are also casual, relaxed and enjoy the hours we spend in the office designing for our clients.

We are always looking for new top talent. Inquire about available positions by emailing us here